Flat File Uploads

Automated Flat File Uploads Without a Line of Code

Free case data from legacy on-premise and mainframe systems with an AI-powered file processing solution.

eCourtDate flat file uploads schematic showing you data processing from CMS, to cloud server, to messages and analytics.

CSV and Excel Support

Upload any type of flat file. Powered by Numpy.

AI Field Detection

Auto detect column types and field formats.

No Code

Automate data transfer with SFTP Gateway.

Smart Update

Upload only new data or load and replace old data.

Data Mapping

Map fields with your column names or by position.

Data Extraction

Auto split, merge, and format individual cells.

Upload Management

Search, view, and manage current and previous uploads in-app.

Test automated uploads without any production data with generated fake data based on your source mapping.

Manually upload files in-app in a bulk uploader.

Replay uploads after template configuration changes or failures.

Example of a demo complete upload with in-app editing
Example of sample upload template mapping settings area

SFTP Gateway

Use SFTP Gateway to automatically transfer flat files based on your schedule.

  • Supports on-premise and cloud servers.
  • Syncs hourly with the source server.
  • Multi-agency support via directory or column.
  • Whitelist and restrict access by IP and SSH key.
  • Receive automated email and webhook notifications upon upload completion.
  • Automated retry on failed connections.