Automate Pretrial and Probation Tasks

Schedule Drug Tests, Treatment and Appointment Reminders, and Geolocation Check-ins for Clients Under Supervision

Schedule Drug Tests Randomly

Automatically schedule randomized drug tests and office appointments based on risk and supervision level.

Send Reminders
and Notifications

Remind and notify offenders about related court appointments, hearings, and other obligations.

Track Compliance
via Check-ins

Request geolocation and live selfie check-ins from registered devices, either on a recurring schedule or on-demand by supervising officers.

Random and On-Demand Geolocation Check-ins

  • Inclusion and Exclusion Zones

    Notify officers of any violations.

  • Geolocate Clients

    Get geolocation data on every check-in.

  • Register Devices

    Register and fingerprint devices by client.

Illustration of person navigating phone
Illustration of secure two way messaging

Simple and Secure Two-Way Messaging

Communicate with clients via private and mass tools.

User preferences allow you to reply securely in-app, or from your user email.

Automatically notify assigned officers based on preferred events.

Provide a text-based tip line or mental help line for clients.

  • Accessible on Mobile and Desktops

    Easily accessible from any device with a web browser from anywhere.

  • Schedule Management

    Automate scheduled and random check-ins, drug tests, and defendant obligation reminders.

  • Cloud-Based

    No software installation or advanced training required.

  • Reporting & Tracking

    Configurable and comprehensive reports. Generate summary reports per supervised client.

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